II. The Most Disastrous Year.

The most disastrous year of my life was my twenty fourth. In the eight months leading up to my twenty fifth birthday; I moved my apartment into my parents garage, quit my full-time job, and walked away from a serious relationship. Considering how drastically my life changed in such a short time, I dreaded the end of summer and the celebratory day that would be twenty five years away from the womb.

Age can seem irrelevant until you start looking forward and backward and asking yourself insane, unanswerable questions. For me that day was August 31st, 2009. The biggest question: "How did I end up here?" I compared myself to other's my age and realized I'd thrown away an education, a career, and any sort of plan. After having a brief John Mayer "quarter life crisis", I decided to detach myself from my mother's couch and start anew.

All was well......
until it wasn't.

In fact, the "new start" backfired and left me worse off. I lost my car, my job, my apartment, my fantastic credit score and my patience for moving.

Oh Yeah. And I fell in love.

I'm having a very interesting year and we started this blog to share our two lives together and our two lives apart. Exactly ten days after I kissed a girl, my car accident would take place and start this cataclysmic chain of events that would my make life very disastrous indeed. ~Braticas

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