XXVIII. Braticas Takes a Break

A few times in the past I have let you know that I was waiting on Braticas, that sometimes she had trouble getting her story told and there was a delay in our posting. I skipped her once, it was supposed to be a post about her father but she couldn’t quite get herself to do it. This time it was supposed to be about moving out. That subject certainly isn’t the emotional time bomb the other subject was, so what’s the problem?

The problem is she expected too much from this blog. She expected her friends to read it and they didn’t. She expected to get hundreds of followers and comments; the truth is we get emails and tweets and Facebook chats but very few followers and very few comments. She’s a bit disappointed. I could tell you why it bothers her when it doesn’t bother me, but it would just be conjecture. All I can say is that, for me, telling my story was a necessary part of surviving what happened in my life.

Falling in love with the Boy changed me so completely that I desperately needed to tell someone why I wasn’t the same person anymore. I needed someone to know who I was now and who I used to be and that somebody turns out to be you. Who are you? You are my family. You are friends I’ve reconnected with that I hadn’t seen in thirty years. You are coworkers. You are neighbors. You are people I gave my card to on the street somewhere. You are the beautiful new friends I have made on the internet these past months. And you are the Boy. Yes, him also.

I understand why she wants comments. When you write like this you want to know that you have been heard. That someone out there is listening. If anything we have said has meant something to you, please tell us. I think it would help her. In the meantime, I’m going to continue my story until she feels ready to catch up. ~DazzledGirl


  1. I know that sometimes when I've read your blog, I've felt a quiet reverence about the words the two of you have written, and that to comment would somehow take something away from them.

    I completely understand the need for feedback, though, as well as the desire to be heard.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog and your life stories very much. Please continue! There is so much more that I and I'm sure other readers want to know. How did each of you meet your Boy and your Girl? What caused those relationships to end? Your writing is great and I really love reading it. I agree with the other commenter that we may not say much but your readers are here.

  3. Congratulations for your blog that I really love reading. I am full of admiration for your writing where I could feel the complicity between mother and daughter, which is rare as it is not always an easy relationship. Thank you for sharing your story. May the wind be gentle to guide you in your direction! Yary